V2X 利用シーン

さて、V2Xの利用シーンですが、主に2点あると思っています。まず1点目は市街地での走行で、死角に潜んでいる車や歩行者の検知です。光などと比べて回折性のあるマイクロ波帯の通信を利用し、V2V(Vehicle to Vehicle:車車間通信)や、歩行者が持っている通信端末を使ったV2P(Vehicle to Pedestrian:歩者間通信)を行うことで、死角の状況をある程度把握することができます。こちらは、LiDARやカメラにはできない芸当ですよね。2点目は隊列走行時です。自動運転の現時点での最終形態がこの隊列走行で、各車が一定の距離を保ち、一定の速度で走行します。(車間距離が詰められることで)風の抵抗を受けにくくなり低燃費・事故率低減・到着予測時間精度向上など様々なメリットがあると思われます。そして、この隊列走行を行う上で重要なのがV2N(Vehicle to Network:車ネットワーク間通信)で、各所に設置された基地局が司令塔・指揮者のような役割を果たすことで、各車を制御します。次回は、V2Xの規格についてお話したいと思います。

 About it is a usage scene of V2X, I think that there are two main points. The first point is to detect cars and pedestrians lurking in the blind spot by running in urban areas. V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle: inter-vehicle communication) and V2P (Vehicle to Pedestrian: using a communication terminal possessed by a pedestrian) using a microwave band communication which is diffractive compared to light etc, and you can grasp the situation of the blind spot to a certain extent. LiDAR and cameras can not do that. The second point is when we are in row running. The final form at the present time of automatic operation is this row running, each car keeps a certain distance and travels at a constant speed. It seems that there are various merits such as low fuel consumption · reduction of accident rate · improvement of accuracy of arrival prediction time because it is less susceptible to wind resistance (by keeping the distance between cars reduced). And it is V2N (Vehicle to Network: communication between car networks) which is important for carrying out this row running, and the base stations installed in various places play the role like the command conductor, thereby controlling each car To do. Next time I would like to talk about V2X standards.